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The IPC Dept is saddened to hear of the demise of Prof. H. Manohar, a former faculty of this department. He passed away on 29th November 2015, aged 86.

The Inorganic and Physical Chemistry (IPC) department is one of the most prestigious departments at the Indian Institute of Science and is devoted to advanced research and teaching in chemistry. Since its inception in 1909, the department has distinguished itself as a Centre for innovative and pioneering research in a wide range of areas in inorganic and physical chemistry. It was elevated to the status of a UGC Centre of Advanced Study in 1980 in recognition to its achievements in these fields and recently to the status of DST-FIST Sponsored Department. The major research efforts are focussed on such areas as molecular structure and dynamics, laser spectroscopy, organometallic and coordination chemistry, bioinorganic and biomimetic chemistry, energy systems, catalysis, polymers and electrochemistry.

Mid-Year Ph.D. admissions 2015

Click here for a provisional list of candidates who are eligible for admission to the PhD programme in the IPC department. This list is subject to the Dean's approval.

Conference Announcements

6th International Conference on Metals
in Genetics, Chemical Biology and Therapeutics (ICMG-2016)

February 17-20, 2016
Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore


Nov 2015: Prof. E. D. Jemmis has been invited to join the International Advisory Board of ChemPlusChem, a journal published by ChemPubSoc Europe and Wiley-VCH. Congratulations, Prof. Jemmis!

Oct 2015: Prof. E. Arunan has been elected as Fellow of the National Academy of Sciences of India. Congratulations, Prof. Arunan!

Sep 2015: Prof. P. S. Mukherjee has been invited to join the Editorial Advisory Board of Inorganic Chemistry, a journal published by the American Chemical Society. Congratulations, Prof. Mukherjee!

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